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The Imported Bullpen

The idea occurred to me last night that of the nine relievers the Seattle Mariners have used so far this season, not a single one is an original Mariner product. 

Dan Cortes: Drafted by the White Sox, traded to Seattle by Kansas City in part for Yuniesky Betancourt.
Jeff Gray: Drafted by the Athletics, claimed on waivers from the Chicago White Sox.
Aaron Laffey: Drafted by the Cleveland Indians, traded in exchange for Matt Lawson and cash.
Brandon League: Drafted by the Blue Jays and traded in part for Brandon Morrow.
Josh Lueke: Drafted by the Rangers and traded in part for Cliff Lee.
David Pauley: Drafted by the Padres and signed as a free agent by the Mariners.
Chris Ray: Drafted by the Orioles and signed as a free agent by the Mariners.
Tom Wilhelmsen: Drafted by the Brewers. Signed by the Mariners five years after retiring from Milwaukee.
Jamey Wright: Drafted by the Rockies and signed as a free agent by the Mariners.

After years of in house bullpen development, it's interesting to note a departure from that model this season, be it a calculated move or possibly a byproduct of Zduriencik's almost zealous cleansing of many of Bavasi's assembled farm prospects from the organization over the past few seasons. There are numerous other explanations of course and this isn't a criticism, merely an observation.