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First Half In Review: Mariners Get Literary

Following in the grand LL tradition, here are the various first-half Mariners described or otherwise captured by selected sentences from a book I am reading.


Dustin Ackley

The explosion itself was terrific, a monstrous thing that still attracts an endless procession of superlatives.

Josh Bard

He never smiles or looks in any way genial.

Blake Beavan

But three months later matters were very different.

Erik Bedard

They are unstable because of a well-understood, if wonderfully complicated, mechanism.

Milton Bradley

Even today their curious and chilling echoes are still faintly and worringly discernible, both in Java and around the globe.

Mike Carp

"We didn't take much notice at first," wrote a second, "until the reports got very loud."

Dan Cortes

And that is just what happened.

Jack Cust

The noose was closing.

Chone Figgins

And the disaster left a trail of practical consequences - political, religious, social, economic, psychological, and scientific consequences among them.

Doug Fister

He was a young man, and cut rather a lonely figure.

Chris Gimenez

Both the idea of what should be the spelling and the etymologies of its various names are an enduring mystery.

Jeff Gray

Men like James Hutton, Charles Lyell, and William Smith were fast beginning to suppose that man's existence was, in the grand scheme of the very things that they were delineating, of utter insignificance, his sojourn on the planet temporary and vanishingly brief.

Franklin Gutierrez

After only a few weeks scurvy broke out, with sailors suffering such rending stomach pains among their other symptoms that the Dutch still have a word for it, scheurbuik, "tearing-belly."

Greg Halman

It is still far from being fully understood.

Felix Hernandez

Such a series of hammer blows!


It is a deeply complex subject, the stuff of mathematical modeling and the employment of banks of supercomputers.

Adam Kennedy

The skipper grinned.

Aaron Laffey

He saw nothing that struck him as remarkable.

Ryan Langerhans

He may not after all have been, as he had eternally supposed, specially created.

Brandon League

But this one was a little different.

Josh Lueke

"Utter, damned rot!" said the president of the American Philosophical Society.

Adam Moore

But neither man was ever seen alive again.

Miguel Olivo

His ideas, it was almost universally agreed, were the results of bad science at best, wishful thinking at worst.

David Pauley

I was lucky: I happened to be in just the right place at what science has now shown to be just the right time.

Carlos Peguero

Hearing of the event baffled people thousands of miles away from where it happened, and left faraway populations bewildered and, in some cases, more than a little frightened.

Michael Pineda

Just one warning was sounded during those early, braggartly, optimistic days.

Chris Ray

The first indication that all was not right became apparent more or less simultaneously to a number of people nearby.

Luis Rodriguez

This contentedness would not long survive.

Brendan Ryan

And the spectacle was only the half of it.

Michael Saunders

It was simply a matter of the gods being angry.

Kyle Seager

But looks are deceptive: All the while the child-mountain is growing steadily and rapidly, as the elemental fires that created the world rage deep inside.

Justin Smoak

For now, though, it was all vibration and rumblings and the occasional period of low and menacing thuds.

Jason Vargas

It was rising and falling, strongly, irregularly, in bursts of sudden up-and-down movements of the sea water that seemed immediately unnatural and sinister.

Tom Wilhelmsen

The memories of those fifty days stay with me yet.

Jack Wilson

Since I had no obvious qualifications for making the team, I decided to teach myself a vaguely appropriate skill that might make me of some potential use.

Mike Wilson

They look mysterious and rather sinister.

Jamey Wright

It is a volcano that absolutely and very visibly refuses to die.

Jose Yepez

His body was never found.