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Anthony Vasquez and Josh Fields Headed to Tacoma

While Royce Ring gets the ol' heave-ho, probably to be free to sign with another organization. Ring has not been awful as a Triple-A reliever with 33 strikeouts to just ten walks but he's been incredibly victimized by poor luck, defense or some combination thereof. His BABIP is .379 and his strand rate, which should be pushing 80% thanks to all the strikeouts, is at 61%. Therefore, there's little surprise that his RA is pushing 6.50 and he would seem dispensable. Normally, I would lament such reasoning, if (big if) that's the reasoning, behind dumping a pitcher, but Ring is also 30, frankly just has limited upside and may have had an opt out in his contract anyways.

Taking Ring's spot is Josh Fields of we might have been able to draft Mike Trout instead of you renown, at least in my head. The rarely healthy Fields still has no control with 23 free passes issued in 26 innings to go with his 26 strikeouts. I'm not sure what justification the team has for promoting Fields on a numbers perspective, but perhaps they're just pushing him up because they hate him and want him to fail harder. Or, maybe it's a ripple effect from the influx of new draft signings. You know, either one.

Anthony Vasquez, a lefty, slides somewhere into Tacoma's rotation I believe, but I don't know how much longer he'll be a starter. His strikeout rates were passable before this season, but have plummeted. He's a bit stingy with the walks, but not Doug Fister or even Blake Beaven stingy. I honestly know little about him because he's never been on my admittedly limited prospect radar. He's 24 and it's important to note that he was originally an Anaheim draft pick but refused to sign and the Mariners nabbed him a few years later in the 2009 draft.