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Series Preview: Chicago White Sox @ Seattle Mariners

MARINERS (15-17) Δ Ms WHITE SOX (11-21) EDGE
HITTING (wOBA) -16.2 (24th) -1.2 -21.6 (26th) Seattle
6.7 (5th) -0.5 -2.5 (16th) Seattle
3.3 (9th) -0.4 3.3 (10th) Seattle
-6.2 (19th) -2.0 -20.8 (24th) SEATTLE

The Mariners were probably likely to escape that series with a win but now sit at a 76-win pace based on won-loss record and going off run differential, CoolStandings projects the team with a 22% shot at the playoffs. I'm not going to start putting emotional stock in that yet, but it's just so nice to not be down in where we felt after 2-7. 

Chone Figgins made contact with every swing he made in the first two games against Texas. 

Brandon League's strikeout and swinging strike rates are now almost back in line with his 2010 numbers. That was quick. He's still missing some ground balls, but clearly if he can pitch near how he looked last night then who cares. That's the pitcher many of us thought we were getting for Brandon Morrow.

Fri 06 May 19:10


Phil Humber has been and will continue to fill in for what was supposed to be Jake Peavy's rotation spot. It's a good thing for the White Sox that none of the players they sent to San Diego has turned into anything special, because Jake Peavy would have made for a pretty awful waiver claim. Like Alex Rios! Did you know Rios is signed through 2014? I bet the White Sox knew that.

Meanwhile, Humber has been solid. Not great by any stretch and he's mostly been a reliever, so his sample as a starter is small. Still, for a guy who went from being part of the Mets trade package for Johan Santana to selected off waivers twice in one offseason, and being waived by the Royals in the first place, it's an encouraging beginning.

Sat 07 May 18:10


Doug Fister, right now, has a strikeout rate above the league average and not just his overall strikeout rate, but also his swinging strikeout rate. Savor this. Like the novelty of everything in your life that you currently find interesting, it will go away. It's just a mirage; I am trying to warn you. Life is really just one Doug Fister fastball after another.

I really struggled to come up with something new and interesting to write about Doug Fister. And that didn't work so I downgraded to just new and said to hell with interesting. That didn't work either. Doug Fister is just being Doug Fister so far in 2011 with the minor new bits all being things we've already covered. Doug Fister starts are like cell division. It goes exactly the same 99% of the time and then hey, mutation! Doug Fister's increased curve ball efficacy is a freak of nature.

Sun 08 May 13:10


Erik Bedard against Mark Buehrle is like Monty Burns waiting for his bowling ball to reach the pins while the Holy Rollers throw strike after strike. Bowling has some similar terminology to baseball!