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Brandon League Is Who We Wanted, And Who We Didn't

Nobody believes your angry face
Nobody believes your angry face

As many of you undoubtedly know, Dave from USS Mariner expanded his brand last season by posting some articles over at the Brock & Salk blog. He's continuing to do so again in 2011, with the only difference being that, this time, he and I are going to alternate week by week. Dave went first, and now it's my turn, so here's my post today on Brandon League, and his usage of the splitter.

The first section:

When the Mariners traded away Brandon Morrow back in December of 2009, they knew they were dealing a potential destroyer of worlds, into which Morrow is on the path towards developing.

But at the same time, Morrow had a ton of question marks, and the M's weren't just giving him away -- in return, they were getting a talented young outfield prospect named Johermyn Chavez, and they were also getting a flame-throwing reliever in Brandon League.

Read the rest over there. And for the curious, in exchange for my contributions Salk has agreed to become a hardcore Ottawa Senators fan, leaving the Bruins behind. He'll deny it if you ask him but it's totally true. Salk, he's all about Ottawa now.