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Series Preview: Seattle Mariners @ Minnesota Twins

MARINERS (22-24) Δ Ms TWINS (15-30) EDGE
HITTING (wOBA) -35.3 (29th) 1.4 -45.2 (30th) Seattle
21.2 (3rd) 7.2 -19.2 (27th) Seattle
4.1 (11th) -0.7 -12.2 (27th) Seattle
-10.0 (21st) 6.9 -76.6 (30th) SEATTLE

The Twins lost Glen Perkins to the disabled list, but have activated Jim Thome so there's a little higher threat of punch in their lineup now while their bullpen gets even worse. Two left-handed starters for us this series will aid in mitigating Thome a pinch and this should be another opportunity for the Mariner pitchers to flex some run-prevention muscle. It feels slightly weird when things go exactly according to plan as they did in San Diego, but a repeat of that would be swell. 

It would also be swell if the offense could continue being feasible while maybe taking a little bitty step forward as well. They have hit just eight home runs in the entire month of May. Building off of Dave's point about Figgins' walks, he has just two this month in 70 trips to the plate while Miguel Olivo of all people has nine(!) in 64. I don't think Figgins should be removed the lineup as I don't see anyone on the roster that's a big enough overall improvement there, but it's time to move him out of the top of the lineup. If he's not going to get on base then he's a total drain batting that high. Of course, there's no great candidate to replace him as the entire lineup blows. Good thing you can cook, Mariners, because you put out like a nun.

Never looking at ERA results in surprises when I do happen across it. Aaron Laffey, Jamey Wright and David Pauley all have ERAs under 2? Ten-year-old me would be so stoked. Ten-year-old me was an idiot though. Seriously, children are dumb.

Mon 23 May 17:10


Carl Pavano's 2011 season has been a downer so far, but he still limits the walks effectively; how surprising. Like Jason Vargas, Pavano relies heavily on a change up for his success, but his change might be even better. At least, it grades out that way. His facial hair is way better too. Vargas needs to step his game up and grow a fu manchu or something. Might as well be as ambiguous as possible, Jason.

Tue 24 May 17:10


It's like looking into a mirror! Nick Blackburn has been worse with the results than Doug Fister though. While Fister is running a solid 1.9 K/(BB+HBP) ratio, Blackburn's is down at 1.5 and Blackburn has surrendered more home runs than Fister despite the fewer fly balls allowed.

Wed 25 May 10:10


No extra rest for Erik Bedard this time around. Brian Duensing is actually not much of a strikeout guy despite being able to miss bats at a decent rate. His stuff stays around the zone too much to work into many two-strike counts. An exaggerated example is his 17 April start against Tampa Bay where Duensing recorded 15 swinging strikes but just 5 strikeouts.