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Series Preview: Seattle Mariners @ San Diego Padres

MARINERS (19-24) Δ Ms PADRES (18-25) EDGE
HITTING (wOBA) -36.7 (28th) -1.6 -14.8 (24th) San Diego
FIELDING (UZR) - - - -
15.0 (5th) -0.2 -6.9 (20th) Seattle
4.8 (11th) -0.2 10.4 (4th) San Diego
-16.9 (24th) -2.0 -11.3 (23rd) SAN DIEGO

The Mariners going from 29th to 28th in offense ranking gave me way too much of a positive boost. Bless you, Nationals, but I clearly need other things going on in my life if that counts as a good moment. The Mariners are no threat to move any higher any time soon though. The Orioles are 27th and almost ten runs better.

Fri 20 May 19:05


Erik Bedard did well that one time this season he got to pitch on extra rest. Now he's going on all sorts of extra rest so maybe he can spin another gem. It's no guarantee. Nothing is a guarantee, not even George Zimmer.

Mat Latos burst on the national scene last season with a fantastic follow-up on a high-profile team to his quarter debut in 2009. It's difficult to peg him down because he simply has so little experience in the minors to compare against with just 97 innings above short-season A-ball. That makes it hard to say whether his ground ball rate in 2010 (44%, league average) is more or less his true talent than the 36% he's averaged in 2009 and so far in 2011. His walk rate has similarly fallen back to 10% this year, matching his 2009 rate but far worse than his 2010 rate, which was a meager 7%.

Sat 21 May 19:05


The image in my head of Clayton Richard does not match his 6'5" height and high release point. Richard's release point has been higher than that of Michael Pineda's for instance. 

Sun 22 May 13:05


Tim Stauffer was the Opening Day starter for the Padres which doesn't always say a lot about a team, but paints a reasonable portrait of these Padres. The 2010 Padres survived because Adrian Gonzalez, Mat Latos, Heath Bell and Mike Adams had insane seasons. Gonzalez is now gone and Bell and Adams are relievers. Even if they stay insane (Adams so far has), they're relievers and have a cap on the impact they can impart. Seriously though, if Mike Adams comes into the game, you might as well go plant some trees outside because the Mariners aren't going to do anything except fail and you shouldn't occupy yourself with failure this often. It cannot be good for your psyche.

Tim Stauffer was the fourth overall pick in 2003 in between Kyle Sleeth and Chris Lubanski. Holy crap what an awful first round. In fact, looking back, a lot of drafts are awful. Prospects wash out all the damn time. Especially high schoolers. Seriously, go look at the drafts. Ewwww.