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Series Preview: Anaheim Angels @ Seattle Mariners

MARINERS (17-24) Δ Ms ANGELS (22-21) EDGE
HITTING (wOBA) -35.1 (29th) -1.9 6.5 (11th) Anaheim
FIELDING (UZR) - - - -
15.2 (5th) 2.4 18.6 (4th) Anaheim
5.0 (11th) 0.4 -7.4 (24th) Seattle
-14.9 (24th) 0.8 17.8 (8th) ANAHEIM

Dan Haren and Jered Weaver has so far combined to be +30.7 runs above average according to tRA. The rest of the Angels' rotation is -13.9. That's just super for us.

Wed 18 May 19:10


Jered Weaver steadily turned into a truly great starter last season as his strikeout rate spiked up into the 26% range from his previous marks in the high teens. The gain was due in part to an increased use of his curve ball. Weaver lost nothing in either walks or batted balls to the change and remains a fly ball prone pitcher, but he more than compensates with the strikes.

Thu 19 May 12:40


Dan Haren is really quite a good pitcher. Joe Saunders is awful. As if I needed another reason to hate the state of Arizona, which I didn't, that abomination of a trade is a perfectly good one.

Doug Fister is coming off a career high 14 swinging strikes in his last outing against the Indians who are a mid-level team in contact rate. The Angels are worse but by just a hair. Not interestingly, in his last five starts Doug Fister has faced either 26 or 27 batters. For the season, he's only faced between 25 and 29. Doug Fister comes equipped with a rigidly fixed endurance rating.