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Fun Fact: Dustin Ackley is More Probably Okay

Dustin Ackley's batting line on May 7 was .218/.354/.353 and I wrote this piece about how his low ball in play average was probably not a concern going forward.

Ackley is missing seven hits if you assume his true talent BABIP is at that .300 range. Add those seven hits back and his batting average jumps from .218 to .277, his triple slash line becomes .277/.413/.412

Dustin Ackley since May 7th has a BABIP over .400 and has brought his triple-slash line up to .263/.383/.417. He is doing well against both lefties and righties and I have still not heard any legitimate concerns over his defense. We already knew he could work counts. Ackley is starting to show that he can hit for modest power as well as handle second base.

The question then becomes about his time table to Seattle and Jack Zduriencik appeared to address that today when on the radio he surmised that Ackley would get the call "sooner rather than later." Naturally, that doesn't actually mean anything and so we're still left with our initial estimation of early June being the best guess unless something dramatic happens in the meantime.

Ackley's promotion would seem to spell the end of Jack Wilson on the team as Luis Rodriguez is needed to fill in on the left side of the infield and Adam Kennedy can sort of fill in at first base as well. However, that would stack up the left-handed hitters so who knows. I have no special attachment to Jack Wilson, but neither do I to Adam Kennedy.

As a post-note, Jack also commented in his radio interview that Franklin Gutierrez was a week away from joining the team which means one of Michael Saunders, Mike Wilson or Carlos Peguero will head back to Tacoma. It probably will not be Saunders simply because the team needs a backup at center field, but it's not like Saunders has earned a stay.