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Alex White Throws Perfect Game Against Mariners In Rain-Shortened Affair

Like the only two people who came prepared
Like the only two people who came prepared

It's gotten to the point where no-hitters aren't even interesting anymore. It seems like we're reading about a no-hitter or a lengthy no-hit bid almost every single day, so they've just grown stale. Yesterday it felt like the Mariners were going to get no-hit by Fausto Carmona and I didn't even care, because it's felt like the Mariners were due to get no-hit for as long as I can remember the Mariners, and plus, everybody will have been no-hit by the time this season is over.

But the perfect game has still been preserved. At least for the most part. The perfect game hasn't yet lost much of its sheen, and so it's with that in mind that I'd like to congratulate Alex White for completing one this afternoon. The Mariners aren't the Yankees, but they still technically have a Major League lineup, and White was downright phenomenal as he worked his way through the opposition. Nobody made good contact, and he had Ichiro off-balance all game.


So anyway, as you've certainly heard, the M's and Indians were delayed in the bottom of the first, and the game was ultimately postponed, to be played the next time the M's are in Cleveland in August. Because the game was stopped so early, there's obviously not much of anything to say, although I do have to wonder why Manny Acta (and Eric Wedge?) allowed the game to start on time when the rain was so close. All that managed to accomplish was to use up two starting pitchers. I have a hard time believing the rain couldn't have been predicted around 9:45 or 10, and given that starters generally don't return after a delay, why not hold off? I'm sure everyone had their reasons but that seemed pretty dumb.

There were some early indications that the delay and postponement spared us a struggle of a start by Erik Bedard, since his pitch count was up to 17 with two outs in the first, and he'd walked the first batter and then gone 3-1 on the next. From here it'll be interesting to see if Eric Wedge keeps him on normal rest, or tries to slot him in sooner. If he stays on normal rest, he could come out with a little extra strength the next time, which has served him well in the past.

Michael Pineda goes tomorrow. The upside of the game being postponed is that we don't have to play a game with Jamey Wright as the closer. Of course, tomorrow, well, yeah. I wonder how good Brandon League is at getting back on horses. I usually have a hard time getting up on horses.