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Game Preview: Offense As Stopper

Different format this weekend as I am doing work on StatCorner's database and so cannot put up a full series preview just yet. Instead, here's a quick preview for tonight's game.

I was all set to talk about the baseball phrase of a starting pitcher being a stopper and putting the bleeding (losing streak) to rest. I knew I had referenced it earlier, but it turns out that almost word-for-word what I was going to write here I had written back in April when the team was 2-7. The Mariners managed to make me go a whopping 32 days before almost literally repeating myself. 

The lineup that needs to step up its game is slated to be:

Ichiro RF
Figgins 3B
Smoak 1B
Cust DH
Kennedy 2B
Peguero LF
Ryan SS
Saunders CF
Gimenez C

Well, I'm sold.

Fri 13 May 16:05


After completely losing his control in 2008-9, Fausto Carmona is back to his roughly average walking ways. He's even getting some more missed bats and strikeouts this season. Combined with his always stellar ground ball rates and the Mariner hitters' fourth-highest rate of hitting ground balls, and prospects look dim for an offensive outburst today.