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Series Preview: Seattle Mariners @ Baltimore Orioles

MARINERS (16-19) Δ Ms ORIOLES (14-19) EDGE
HITTING (wOBA) -23.9 (26th) -7.7 -28.1 (29th) Seattle
8.3 (5th) 1.6 0.0 (13th) Seattle
2.4 (12th) -0.9 -7.5 (26th) Seattle
-13.2 (22nd) -7.0 -35.6 (29th) SEATTLE

What a boring last series. Any series where the hitters flail while the pitchers are okay-ish is susceptible to being boring unless something crazy happens in the micro data. Nothing crazy happened against the White Sox. In lieu of pomp language to disguise that fact, I will instead just list three random things I discovered in the last 30 minutes:

Chone Figgins hasn't swung and missed at a pitch since April 30th. That's neat.
The Mariner hitters have one home run in the last nine games. That sucks.
Miguel Olivo is last in the Majors in contact rate and Jack Cust is fifth worst. They have a combined nine total extra base hits and just two home runs (both Olivo's, one of which a fluke). That's bad.

Tue 10 May 16:05


At 25, Jake Arrieta is the oldest Oriole starter the Mariners will face. Both Tillman and Britton are just 23. I am just bursting with enthusiasm for the Baltimore Orioles, can't you tell?

Wed 11 May 16:05


Chris Tillman is in his third attempt at the Major Leagues this season and it's not going any better than the previous two go arounds, which were awful. The only reason his walk rate isn't worse is because he's so damn hittable. Tillman's first pitch strike rate is ten points below average. His average fastball speed in 2011 is down under 90mph and he doesn't get ground balls. At 6'6", you would expect something different, but so far in his Major League career, Chris Tillman is Doug Fister without the control.

Thu 12 May 16:05


Zach Britton has piss all of a sample size in the Major Leagues, so turning to his Minor League numbers we can see that, no, his Major League numbers thus far are right spot on. In the high minors, Britton had an okay strikeout rate, which translates to meh in the Majors; he had an okay walk rate, which translates to meh in the Majors and he had a great ground ball rate in the Minors, which translates to good in the Majors. That's what happens when you throw sinkers all the time I suppose.