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Adam Moore Has A Torn Meniscus

The MRI results are back on Adam Moore, and they aren't good. After some whispers that he may not be badly injured, it turns out he's badly injured, having been diagnosed with a torn meniscus in his knee. He's going to need surgery, which I'm sure he'll have very soon, and he's going to be out for a long time. Drayer sets the tentative best-case scenario at 6-8 weeks, but it could very well end up being more than that. Or less than that. Who knows, really, in this crazy world of ours.

You'll recall that Moore's 2010 season was also interrupted by a knee injury, although that was a problem in his left knee, while this is a tear in the right one. On the one hand, it's good not to see a recurrence, but on the other hand, now we have a catcher who has injured both of his knees.

If there's a silver lining here, it's that the severity of Moore's injury is such that he can presumably be placed on the 60-day DL, freeing up a 40-man roster spot without the organization having to jettison someone from the minors. We'll probably see Josh Bard come up to serve as Olivo's backup and as the team's fifth switch-hitter, although Chris Gimenez is a possibility as well. Bard's the more likely of the two, though, because Gimenez's advantage is his versatility, which is less of a factor when you're only carrying two catchers.

The great tragedy here - aside from the fact that Moore got injured - is that Moore got injured going after a loose ball on a play on which the baserunner didn't advance. His meniscus didn't even go down a hero, like Tsuyoshi Nishioka's fibula did earlier today.

But that doesn't matter, and all we really care about is getting Moore healthy and back on the team at some point so that he can continue gaining big league experience, because these knee injuries of his have come at really bad times for his career, and you never like to see a player end up something less than he could've been because of his body. That's always just a real bummer.