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Today's Fun Fact

After taking a few quick steps forward out of the gate, the Mariners have tripped on their own shoelaces and dropped four games in a row, returning to Seattle for the home opener with a disappointing 2-4 record. And perhaps worse than the struggling is the familiar manner in which the team has struggled. Why have these games felt so familiar? Oh, I don't know.

Year Average OBP SLG OPS+
2010 0.236 0.298 0.339 79
2011 0.233 0.295 0.327 74

Obviously, we should expect things to get better as the M's stop facing so many lefties, since this is a lineup better built to hit righties. But, yeah, there's a reason why we've felt like we've watched these games so far before, and it's because we did, all last season long.