Olivo hits Unassisted Home Run

Mariners catcher and new clean-up hitter Miguel Olivo continued his recent hot streak today, by hitting an unassisted home run.

Leading off the sixth inning, Olivo hit a long fly ball to left-center field, and the ball cleared the fence, on the fly.

"Stepping into the box," said Olivo, "I was looking to feed Rayburn for the alley-oop. But I looked around and he was out of position. I didn't know what to do. Coach Wedge is really strict about his set plays. We're supposed to go out there and execute just the way he draws it up."

"Honestly, I panicked," said the veteran catcher, "The pitch was coming in and I was practically all alone out there, with like 9 guys all over me. So I just closed my eyes and threw it up there, and luckily it all worked out."

As to why the Tigers left fielder was out of position and unable to provide an assist on the play, we may never know. After the game, neither Tigers managerJIm Leyland nor Rayburn was talking.