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Felix Hernandez Earns Promotion in Rotation

After his dominant outing last night, Felix Hernandez has earned his way out of the doghouse with Manager Eric Wedge, who had demoted Felix to the back of the rotation after just two starts. Now Wedge has seen fit to move Felix ahead in the rotation to fourth over the scuffling veteran Erik Bedard.

Not reached for an actual comment, Wedge said that while he is cautious by nature, he believes that Felix is ready for the increased exposure and media attention that comes from inhabiting the fourth slot in such a vaunted rotation as that of the Mariners. That means that Felix will start next this coming Tuesday when the team travels to Detroit, followed by Bedard and then staff ace Michael Pineda.

This is a big step up for Felix, but it's hard to say he hasn't earned it. While nobody wants to see him rushed, the Venezuelan did show signs of becoming a potential top of the rotation pitcher by winning the American League Cy Young Award last season. He will have to step up his game in his new role however. Felix currently ranks a pathetic second in strikeouts and has only a .500 record. What do you think? Is this too soon for the youngster?