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Justin Smoak Placed On Bereavement List; Carlos Peguero Promoted

We've known for a little while that Justin Smoak was suspiciously absent from tonight's starting lineup. Now, via Kirby Arnold, we know why. The Mariners have placed Smoak on the bereavement list and called up Carlos Peguero from Tacoma.

The bereavement list acts like a 3-7 day DL, and is used in the event of a family medical emergency. I don't want to discuss or speculate on what has taken place to cause this transaction, but it's safe to say that Smoak has had a lot of personal worries on his mind for quite some time, and I only wish the best for him and his loved ones. (Update: Eric Wedge has confirmed that Smoak is with his father, who was diagnosed with lung cancer a year ago.)

As for Peguero, he's something of a surprising recall, but he's a left-handed bat with power so he could fill a role for the small amount of time that he's up. He's gone 14-45 over 12 games with the Rainiers, with five extra-base hits, five walks, and ten strikeouts. He should come to the plate at least once before he goes back to Tacoma, and in that trip to the plate, he could do anything from hit the ball 500 feet to not hit the ball at all.

Your Carlos Peguero fun fact is that, at 6'5, 245, he gives the Mariners just another giant. After seeing the Giants win the World Series last October it's hard to argue with the strategy. This is a play on the word "giants".