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Adam Moore Granted 4-6 Months Paid Vacation*

The Rangers may have lost superstar Josh Hamilton for two months earlier today on a headfirst slide, but the Mariners have lost Adam Moore for at least twice that long, as the news from his surgery Tuesday is not good.

Moore knew he was in for an operation, but no one was quite sure how badly he was hurt, and no one was going to know until the surgeon got in there and saw the situation for himself. The situation? An "extensive tear" in Moore's meniscus. So, rather than the best-case scenario in which Moore would've been out for several weeks, now he's out for much much longer. The general timetable is 4-6 months, meaning there's no guarantee Moore's able to return to the field this season.

It's a miserable break for a guy who's just trying to establish himself as a big league-quality catcher. A knee injury cost Moore the early opportunity to jump in front of Rob Johnson and get comfortable a year ago, and now a knee injury has cost him the opportunity to get a lot of time behind Miguel Olivo in 2011. These are chances he's missed - chances he'll never get back - and there's no telling what impact his medical misfortune will have on his career.

If there's good news, it's that Moore's still only 26, so it's not like he's reached the end of the line. Although knee injuries are bad news for catchers, he'll make a full recovery and get after it again when he's better. But he's got to be one of the most unhappy people in Seattle right now, and no matter what you think of his skillset, you have to feel bad for him, because he doesn't deserve this kind of shit luck.

* consisting of strenuous physical therapy