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Where They Came From 2011 Edition

Remember 2010? Well, I don't. Never happened. I am all about 2011 right here and what better way to start than to run down how our Opening Day roster got here.


Doug Fister (2006)
Shawn Kelley (2007) [Starting season on DL]
Adam Moore (2006)
Michael Saunders (2004)


David Aardsma (2009) [Starting season on DL]
Milton Bradley (2010)
Franklin Gutierrez (2009) [Starting season on DL]
Aaron Laffey (2011)
Brandon League (2010)
Josh Lueke (2010)
Brendan Ryan (2011)
Justin Smoak (2010)
Jason Vargas (2009)
Jack Wilson (2009)


Free Agency

Erik Bedard (Re-signed 2011)
Jack Cust (2011)
Chone Figgins (2010)
Adam Kennedy (2011)
Ryan Langerhans (Re-signed 2011)
Miguel Olivo (2011)
David Pauley (2010)
Chris Ray (2011)
Luis Rodriguez (2011)
Tom Wilhelmsen (2010)
Jamey Wright (Re-signed 2011)


International Free Agency

Michael Pineda (2006)
Ichiro Suzuki (2001)
Felix Hernandez (2003)


Who needs in house developed talent anyways? The 2008 version highlighted the team's dependence on the two forms of free agency to assemble talent. By 2010, after Jack Zduriencik's first full season as GM, most of the Bavasi prospects had been shipped off and the lingering big money free agents expired.

Now we have a bumper crop of minimum signing free agents and under the radar trade acquisitions clogging the decks of the wayward ship Mariner. Naturally, some of the in house talent is what was shipped off in the trades so it's not like this is an accurate portrayal of the organization as a whole, but it is interesting to me how few players on the team right now have been Mariners from the start.