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3/9: Open Game Thread

The Mariners and Dodgers will be going at it this afternoon at Camelback Ranch, which is another one of those Spring Training complex names I just adore, like Salt River Fields at Talking Stick. "Camelback Ranch" sounds like the place where the filmed Dr. Quinn. Lineups!

Ichiro, RF Furcal, SS
Figgins, 3B Blake, 3B
Gutierrez, CF Ethier, RF
Cust, DH Kemp, DH
Kennedy, 1B Loney, 1B
Ja Wilson, 2B Uribe, 2B
Saunders, LF Gibbons, LF
Bard, C Barajas, C
Jo Wilson, SS Gwynn Jr, CF
Fister, SP Garland, SP

That's Jack Wilson playing second base again, an option the team continues to explore. And that's Jay Gibbons playing left field for the Dodgers. The original Jay Gibbons, and not Jay Gibbons' son. You might remember Jay Gibbons for being kind of all right for the Orioles in 2005. Also kind of all right for the Orioles in 2005: Rafael Palmeiro, Javy Lopez, Daniel Cabrera, and B.J. Ryan.

Available to pitch behind Fister will be David Pauley, Brandon League, Garrett Olson, Dan Cortes, Edward Paredes, Royce Ring, and Chaz Roe. Behind Garland will be Hong-Chih Kuo, Ramon Troncoso, and Jon Huber. The Mariners got Jon Huber from the Padres in exchange for Dave Hansen back in 2004. We then re-signed Dave Hansen that off-season. Joke's on you, Padres! We get them both in the end!

This game will not be on 710, but in an exciting change of pace, it will be broadcast live on It'll also be shown at 8pm on MLB Network for those of you who want to watch meaningless pre-season baseball on tape delay when you already know everything important that happens. And here's your Gameday link.