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3/8: Open Game Thread

The Mariners actually already played one game today - a B game in which Luke French started, Milton Bradley played center field, and some assortment of the M's beat some assortment of the Dodgers 6-1 behind home runs from Bradley, Dustin Ackley, and Alex Liddi. I can't find a box score, but maybe that's just as well, because being able to look at an ST B game box score might lead me to believe that an ST B game box score has meaning, which can be a dangerous thing to think.

As for their "real" game, the rest of the Mariners play the Giants at 12:05. Again, no TV and no 710, with only Gameday and the Giants radio broadcast to carry us through. While the Giants radio broadcast and the A's radio broadcast hail from the same region, the Giants have money, so their radio broadcast sounds less like a grown man drowning in a ball pit. Lineups:

Jo Wilson, SS Ford, CF
Ryan, 2B Tejada, SS
Smoak, 1B Huff, 1B
Cust, LF Posey, C
Langerhans, CF Schierholz, RF
Saunders, DH Neal, LF
Gross, RF Fontenot, 2B
Mangini, 3B Rohlinger, 3B
Moore, C Whiteside, DH
Vargas, SP Vogelsong, SP

Available to pitch behind Jason Vargas will be Jamey Wright, Cesar Jimenez, Tom Wilhelmsen, Mauricio Robles, Manny Delcarmen, Fabio Castro, Edward Paredes, Chaz Roe, and three guys from minor league camp. Available to pitch behind Ryan Vogelsong, I can only imagine, will be Kurt Ainsworth, John Van Benschoten, Brian Boehringer, and Jimmy Anderson. Remember when the Mariners won 116 games? I don't, because it is March of 2001! I hope I ace my ACT!

You could put eight clones of Albert Pujols at 2-through-9 and still a lineup with Josh Wilson leading off would make me depressed.

Here's your Gameday link.