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3/7: Open Game Thread

On the most exciting day of Spring Training since the first day of Spring Training, we've got Felix Hernandez and Michael Pineda both throwing against the Oakland A's. And to observe the occasion, we'll follow mindlessly along on Gameday, since the game's neither on 710 nor TV. In our imaginations they are flawless!

Ichiro, RF DeJesus, CF
Figgins, 3B Jackson, 1B
Gutierrez, CF Matsui, DH
Carp, 1B Kouzmanoff, 3B
Ja Wilson, 2B Carter, LF
Ryan, SS Carson, RF
Saunders, LF Powell, C
Gimenez, C Tolleson, 2B
Mangini, DH Green, SS
Felix, SP Moscoso, SP

After Felix and Pineda, the available pitchers are Aaron Laffey, Josh Lueke, Jose Flores, Denny Bautista, Justin Miller, and Cesar Jimenez. I'm not real familiar with Guillermo Moscoso but a quick Baseball-Reference check tells me he's a 27-year-old with 14.2 innings of big league experience, so I'm pretty sure that means we have the advantage here.

Note that Adam Moore was in the original lineup but was scratched with an illness. An awful lot of baseball players around the league right now are getting scratched from games with illnesses. You know what's strongly immunosuppressive? Steroids. I'm just saying.

This game is actually being broadcast on Oakland A's radio for those of you with an subscription, so it isn't completely hopeless. Here's the Gameday link. Prepare to pay attention for about four or five innings before ceasing to pay attention really quick.