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3/6: Open Game Thread

Tomorrow, the M's will throw Felix Hernandez and Michael Pineda at the A's. Today, they throw Nate Robertson at the Giants. As opening acts go, I gotta say that this one's kinda lame.

Ackley, 2B Ford, CF
Figgins, 3B Tejada, SS
Bradley, LF Huff, 1B
Cust, DH Posey, C
Smoak, 1B Ross, RF
Langerhans, CF Sandoval, 3B
Peguero, RF Belt, DH
Bard, C Ishikawa, LF
Rodriguez, SS Fontenot, 2B
Robertson, SP Lincecum, SP

Available behind Robertson will be Blake Beavan, Brandon League, Garrett Olson, Chaz Roe, Cesar Jimenez, Fabio Castro, Chris Smith, and Yusmeiro Petit. I always love the way ST pitching lineups kind of trail off. If you're listed last in an ST game's pitching lineup, you're not making the team.

As other business is concerned, Dustin Ackley at leadoff against Tim Lincecum should be a fun matchup, while Carlos Peguero at #7 against Tim Lincecum should be a less fun matchup. I'd say that batting Ackley first is some kind of honor but then I see that the Giants are countering with Darren Ford, so whatever. Beyond that, Miguel Olivo had his MRI this morning but won't have results until tomorrow, because it turns out radiologists take weekends. It's a good thing nobody gets sick or badly injured on a Sunday. Olivo is walking around, but I'm guessing he's doing so rather gingerly.

Here's your Gameday link, and the game will be on 710.