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3/4: Open Game Thread

It's the M's and Reds today at 12:05pm, which is pretty much the best time of day for baseball to be played. It's back on 710 radio, which is good news for those of you who're into that sort of thing, and neither good news nor bad news for those of you who aren't. The lineups:

Ichiro, RF Sappelt, CF
Figgins, 3B Cozart, SS
Bradley, LF Alonso, 1B
Cust, DH Francisco, 3B
Smoak, 1B Heisey, RF
Gross, CF Hernandez, C
Jo Wilson, SS Lewis, DH
Ackley, 2B Hermida, LF
Moore, C Negron, 2B
Fister, SP Reineke, SP

Available to pitch behind Fister are David Pauley, Aaron Laffey, Josh Lueke, Jose Flores, Chris Smith, Fabio Castro, and Edward Paredes. Available to pitch behind Reineke are a bunch of other dudes. Note that today's Reds lineup features three players I've literally never heard of, which is weird for me since I've heard of just about everybody of any significance in the game. One of them is Zack Cozart, part of a tag-team of young Austrian composers. As I browse Cozart's numbers in the minors, it does not appear that baseball is his strong suit.

Today looks to be the day of Laffey's Mariner debut, provided he can untangle himself from the pile in time to warm up. The idea of Aaron Laffey's debut is less exciting than like Dan Plesac's 683rd game.

I believe there will be PITCHfx data for everyone who's in an overanalyzing mood on this Friday afternoon. PITCHfx! Aaron Laffey! Hell yes. Here's your Gameday link.