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The Second Tier Of Agony

Throughout the unfortunate history of Mariners relievers, there are a few names that stand out at the tippy top. Bobby Ayala. Jose Mesa. Heathcliff Slocumb. Those guys, and maybe a few others from earlier on, send shivers down the spines of the average fan upon as little as a mention. Those guys were involved in an awful lot of disasters.

But as with almost everything, there's a spectrum, here, and one level below history's greatest Mariner villains sits a group of relievers who were bad, but left a less agonizing impression. This group is made up of names like Chris Reitsma. Edwin Hurtado. Kevin King. Brett Hinchliffe. Tony Fossas. And this guy.


The 2003 Seattle Mariners didn't capsize until long after Carrara disappeared, so it's hard to blame him for how things turned out, but considering the team finished two games out of the Wild Card and three games out of the division, it's also hard not to. At least in part.

Happy 43rd birthday, Gio, you old bastard.