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3/3: Open Game Thread

Once again, we're all Gameday/no radio this afternoon in a 12:05 tilt against the White Sox. I am unsure if the White Sox ballpark is equipped with a PITCHfx system, but I'm also unsure if I'd really want to see PITCHfx data readouts on Luke French. The lineups:

Ja Wilson, SS Milledge, LF
Gutierrez, CF Beckham, 2B
Bradley, DH Dunn, 1B
Cust, LF Konerko, DH
Olivo, C Rios, CF
Kennedy, 3B Teahen, 3B
Ryan, 2B Viciedo, RF
Carp, 1B Castro, C
Halman, RF Vizquel, SS
French, SP Danks, SP

Behind French, the guys who're available are Brandon League, Chris Ray, Garrett Olson, Tom Wilhelmsen, Chris Seddon, Cesar Jimenez, Josh Lueke, Royce Ring, and Yusmeiro Petit. So the White Sox should end up seeing something like two and a half innings of interesting talent on the mound.

As for the M's lineup, I do think it's fun to put Cust and Olivo back-to-back, since they literally couldn't offer a more different look to whoever's on the mound. In the field, we'll get to see how Jack Wilson and Brendan Ryan work as a double play combo, and by "get to see" I mean "get to hear about from other people" in the event of a groundball up the middle with a man on first. Given the nature of the competition I could see Wilson and Ryan deliberately trying to make each other look as bad as possible.

I'm thinking this would be a good day to bunt every single pitch up the first base line. Just for funsies. They always work on bunting a lot during Spring Training anyway so I don't see why not.