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Carl Willis Is A Dirty Moment-Stealer

Buried within a Baker feature on Tom Wilhelmsen's amazing promotion to the big leagues is the following little nugget of thievery:

Jimenez being cut confirmed that Wilhelmsen had made the team. Mariners pitching coach Carl Willis was bringing Wilhelmsen to see manager Eric Wedge, but couldn't resist breaking the news himself.

Wedge: Tom, I can't tell you how excited I am to be the one to give you this news.
Wedge: We've decided to keep you around. You've won a spot in the bullpen.
Wilhelmsen: Oh
Wilhelmsen: Ohhhh
Wilhelmsen: Yay!
Wilhelmsen: Yay for making the team!
Wedge: um
Wilhelmsen: This news has taken me completely by surprise!
Willis: /listening through door
Willis: /runs away

One coach stealing a heartwarming moment from another with whom he was thought to be friendly. If the Mariners go down the crapper again this year there's no doubt in my mind that we'll look back on this moment as a big blinking caution light.