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Remembering Dave Niehaus At Safeco Field

I suspect that you'll start hearing more and more about this as the date draws nearer, but the Mariners are unofficially officially whipping up a campaign to get fans to wear white shoes to the April 8 home opener in remembrance of Dave Niehaus. Dave, of course, was known for his questionable casual wear, and while it's obviously up to you to decide if you're going to participate (if you even have tickets), it's a neat and unique idea that I thought was worth spreading around. Consider this your advance notice.

On a somewhat related note, I remember back when the Niehaus patches were first announced and displayed, a lot of you asked whether those patches would go on sale. The answer is, yes, with proceeds going to the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network. The patches will run you $10, and they'll be available at the Seattle Mariners team stores, and only the Seattle Mariners team stores. Do not try to find them in other stores, or other teams' stores, for they will not be there. What did I tell you!