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3/28: Open Game Thread

But first! Make what you want of this:

Josh Wilson says he was told M's keeping Luis Rodriguez.

Now then, on to what's really important:

Ichiro, RF Taveras, CF
Figgins, 3B Herrera, SS
Bradley, LF Wigginton, DH
Cust, DH Lopez, 2B
Smoak, 1B Helton, 1B
Saunders, CF Spilborghs, LF
Moore, C Smith, RF
Ryan, SS Stewart, 3B
Ja Wilson, 2B Pagnozzi, C
Vargas, SP de la Rosa, SP

Aside from the starting pitcher and catcher, this looks an awful lot like the Mariners' probable Opening Day lineup, which - well it could look a lot worse. Eyeballing it, I like the promise, but that's because my eyeballs see guys like Justin Smoak and Michael Saunders as established Major League hitters instead of big giant question marks. Stupid uneducated eyeballs.

Available to pitch behind Vargas will be Josh Lueke, Chris Ray and Brandon League, with Bobby LaFramboise and Stephen Penney coming over from minor league camp. I don't know who Stephen Penney is but last year he did a remarkable job in relief for High Desert, so that automatically makes him one of the 40 or 50 best pitchers in the world.

The game's on 710, and here's your Gameday link. And also the Mariners just added Adam Kennedy to the 40-man roster. Man, who knew? We now have two more members of the 2002 Anaheim Angels than the Angels.