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3/27: Open Game Thread

The Mariners have basically choked away their shot at the Cactus League championship like a bunch of chokers, but at least they're guaranteed to finish with no worse than a .500 record. The Diamondbacks, meanwhile, are a league-worst 11-23 despite spending the entire month with home-field advantage. We're so much better than them!

Ichiro, RF Kinsler, DH
Figgins, 3B Andrus, SS
Bradley, LF Hamilton, LF
Cust, DH Beltre, 3B
Langerhans, CF Young, 2B
Moore, C Murphy, CF
Kennedy, 1B Napoli, 1B
Rodriguez, SS Treanor, C
Jo Wilson, 2B Borbon, CF
French, SP Lewis, SP

This is another one of those initially promising Mariners lineups that drops off in a hurry around the middle. It is interesting to me that Luis Rodriguez is still hanging around, and it is interesting in a very different way to me that Josh Wilson is still hanging around. Luke French starts because Felix threw a minor league game earlier this morning. Gotta make sure you don't overexpose him to the Rangers. Just to be safe we should probably never have Felix face anyone until the Mariners find themselves in a must-win game. Then they can unleash their secret, underexposed weapon.

Available to pitch behind French will be Jamey Wright, Tom Wilhelmsen, and David Pauley, with Steven Richard and Scott "Captain Happiness" Patterson coming over from minor league camp. The Rangers will use Darren Oliver, Mason Tobin, and Dave Bush in relief of Lewis. Mason Tobin is a stupid name. I hate when the first name and the last name both end with n.

The game's broadcast on 710, and here's your Gameday link. It's the Spring Training home stretch now, which means it's time to start stretching your hey-this-matters-in-my-life muscles. Let's go Luke French!