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3/25: Second Open Game Thread

Hey, all right, another baseball game! And this one'll be fair!

Ichiro, RF Furcal, SS
Figgins, 3B De Jesus, 2B
Bradley, LF Uribe, 3B
Kennedy, 2B Kemp, CF
Olivo, C Thames, LF
Saunders, CF Kapler, RF
Tuiasosopo, 1B Barajas, C
Jo Wilson, SS Sands, 1B
Bard, DH Ely, SP
Bedard, SP Ely, SP

The Mariners' lineup looks good for the first third, then it kind of sputters along until ending with Bard, who I just realized has Bedard's last name without the -ed-. It's fun to say "Bard/Bedard battery" out loud, by the way, and you should try it. There's nothing of particular interest going on with the Dodgers' lineup, but then more often than not there's nothing of particular interest going on with the Dodgers.

I don't have a list of the pitchers available to go in relief of Bedard, but I imagine it'll be most of the guys who weren't available to pitch earlier today. Available in relief of John Ely will be Horace Claimjumper and Cotton Gin.

Here's your Gameday link. The game will also be broadcast on 710 and ROOT Sports, which should probably exclusively hire women named Ginger. As a heads-up, I don't think I'll be available to write for much of the weekend, beginning tonight, but I'm sure you guys will manage.