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3/25: Open Game Thread

The Mariners are playing two games today. This game has Aaron Laffey in it!

Ja Wilson, 2B Baker, 2B
Ryan, SS Castro, SS
Cust, DH Byrd, CF
Smoak, 1B Ramirez, 3B
Langerhans, CF Soto, C
Rodriguez, 3B Pena, 1B
Moore, C Soriano, LF
Gimenez, LF Colvin, RF
M Wilson, RF Wells, SP
Laffey, SP Wells, SP

Chris Gimenez is starting in left field, but Gameday thinks that Cesar Jimenez is starting in left field, which I'd want to see way more. While this lineup may not strike fear in anybody, Adam Kennedy's gonna be batting cleanup in tonight's affair so we may actually be looking at the better of the two this afternoon. Turns out that split-squads are bad news for teams with bad offenses.

Available to pitch after Laffey will be Jimenez, Tom Wilhelmsen, Chris Ray, and minor leaguers Steven Richard, Robert Rohrbaugh, and Bobby LaFramboise. I'm beginning to think that Richard, Rohrbaugh and LaFramboise just aren't wanted anywhere. Available to pitch behind Wells will be a bunch of guys who aren't Carlos Silva. Anybody surprised that Milton Bradley's in the night lineup instead of the day lineup?

This game's going to be broadcast on the MLB Network and, although I've heard rumors there'll be a one-hour tape delay. Here's your Gameday link. The charge to the top starts today.