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3/23: Open Game Thread

Televised pointlessness! Just like all the rest of our television.

Ja Wilson, 2B Taveras, CF
Kennedy, 1B Spilborghs, RF
Tuiasosopo, LF Gonzalez, LF
Cust, DH Tulowitzki, SS
M Wilson, RF Giambi, DH
Ryan, SS Wigginton, 1B
Langerhans, CF Lopez, 2B
Jo Wilson, 3B Stewart, 3B
Bard, C Iannetta, C
French, SP de la Rosa, SP

Luke French is almost certainly destined to return to AAA, so Eric Wedge has given him a AAA supporting cast. They say the fifth rotation slot is Michael Pineda's to lose, and from all indications it's just about guaranteed. Is there anything French can do, at this point? Literally, anything, aside from pushing Pineda down the stairs? If he threw a perfect game tonight, would it matter? What if he threw a perfect game featuring a bunch of 95mph fastballs? What is French's motivation, here?

Available to pitch behind French will be Denny Bautista, Justin Miller, Brandon League, Jamey Wright, Scott Patterson, Brian Moran, and holy crap why would anybody ever want to watch this? The only thing - the only thing - to look forward to is maybe Jose Lopez's at bats, and the possibility that the Rockies call on Sean White out of the bullpen. Sean White is a Rockies player now by the way.

Here's your Gameday link, and the game'll be broadcast on 710 and ROOT Sports. I don't know if I'm strong enough to follow this one. It looks really bad. I mean, wow. And we don't even have Sean Kazmar anymore.