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3/22: Open Game Thread

Wedge: And the starting shortstop iiiissssssss...
Wedge: /makes drumroll with hands
Wedge: Brendan Ryan!
Ryan: Thanks, coach!
Ja Wilson: I understand.
Team: /claps
Jo Wilson: why does this always happen to me

We're playing the White Sox.

Ichiro, RF Milledge, LF
Figgins, 3B Beckham, 2B
Bradley, LF Dunn, 1B
Cust, DH Ramirez, DH
Smoak, 1B Teahen, RF
Ryan, SS Castro, C
Saunders, CF Morel, 3B
Ja Wilson, 2B Vizquel, SS
Moore, C Lillibridge, CF
Felix, SP Jackson, SP

Ryan's in there at short, which is what first tipped people off that Wedge had made his decision. Franklin Gutierrez is out again and one wonders if he aggravated his lower back stiffness the other day. At least Michael Saunders will get a good opportunity to keep working on his new stance and swing. You know who else has a new stance and swing? Steve Baron. That'll make Saunders feel good about himself.

Felix got up to 83 pitches his last time out and said he felt strong, so he seems to be nearing season shape. Nevertheless, while Felix could conceivably go the distance this afternoon, the Mariners appear to be banking on him getting his ass kicked as they've made Cesar Jimenez, Justin Miller, Chris Ray, Fabrio Castro, Royce Ring, Jose Flores, and Tom Wilhelmsen all available in relief. Available in relief for the White Sox will be Jesse Crain and Chris Sale, which is very uninteresting.

No TV and no 710, but here's your Gameday link. Gordon Beckham looks the most like how I picture the average White Sox player. Ramon Castro looks like Flo Rida with whatever skin disease Sammy Sosa just had. Brent Lillibridge looks like he can hear me typing this sentence.