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Dave Niehaus Way Is Going To Happen

A terrible street name
A terrible street name

Via the ol Matt Pitman twitter, I was tipped off to the following article:

The Seattle City Council is drafting an ordinance to give an honorary name to one block of First Avenue South in front of the ball park from Edgar Martinez Drive to Royal Brougham. The honorary name will be "Dave Niehaus Way."

Though nothing is official yet, obviously, since the ordinance hasn't even been drafted, no one's expecting much in the way of resistance. Who wants to be that one guy to resist? Especially since it'd only be an honorary name. An honorary name of Dave Niehaus Way would mean that the area businesses could keep their same address, which means that nothing would really change, which means there's no point in not doing this.

Note that Edgar Martinez Drive is different, since that's the official - instead of honorary - name of that stretch. You could feign outrage if you feel like it, I guess, but Dave's going to have no shortage of things named in his honor, including - if my sources are right - Seattle.

The special brown street signs should be in place by the home opener. A handy map:


On one side, we have Edgar Martinez Drive. On a second side, we'll have Dave Niehaus Way. On a third side, there's a super creepy set of train tracks that no one wants to have named after them. And on the fourth side, there's Royal Brougham Way. Looks like King Felix Avenue will have to go somewhere in Capitol Hill.