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3/21: Open Game? Thread

Update: canceled! Get back to work.

It's currently pouring in Goodyear, which is a place in Arizona, and there's a tarp on the field. The Mariners and Reds have already been delayed until 2pm, and in just a little while we'll get an official decision on whether or not they'll get to play at all. As we await the call, I recommend drafting a hand-written letter to a grandparent or a cousin. There are few feelings quite like receiving a hand-written letter.

Lineups for the game that may not happen:

Ackley, 2B Stubbs, CF
Jo Wilson, SS Phillips, 2B
Bradley, DH Votto, 1B
Smoak, 1B Rolen, 3B
Tuiasosopo, LF Bruce, RF
Saunders, CF Gomes, LF
Gimenez, RF Hanigan, C
Rodriguez, 3B Janish, SS
Moore, C Carroll, SP
Pauley, SP Carroll, SP

We'll see if the weather cooperates, but David Pauley may not even want to pitch anyway, since he'll be defensively supported by Matt Tuiasosopo in one outfield corner and a catcher in the other, and offensively supported by Matt Tuiasosopo in one outfield corner and a catcher in the other. On the plus side, Pauley's opponent on the mound is some complete nobody, so, who knows.

Available to pitch behind Pauley will be Royce Ring, Justin Miller, Denny Bautista, and a trio of guys from minor league camp in a cruel reminder that I might totally hate our bullpen for at least the first month or two of the year. Available to pitch behind Carroll will be Jared Burton, Francisco Cordero, Jose Arredondo and Logan Ondrusek. Cordero's going to make $12 million this season, which is underratedly bad. Arredondo, meanwhile, may prove a shrewd pick-up after the Angels were scared off by his Tommy John surgery. Routine ligament replacement surgery: bad. Vernon Wells: good.

If the game happens, here's your Gameday link. Since Pineda already threw this morning, feel free to open the window and immediately stop paying attention.