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3/20: Open Game Thread

Only 11 more days of these!

Ichiro, RF Venable, DH
Figgins, 3B Bartlett, SS
Bradley, LF Hudson, 2B
Cust, DH Cantu, 3B
Langerhans, CF Hawpe, 1B
Kennedy, 1B Denorfia, RF
Ja Wilson, SS Maybin, CF
Ryan, 2B Quiroz, C
Gimenez, C Cunningham, LF
Bedard, SP LeBlanc, SP

Nothing real exciting about the lineup today. According to Larry LaRue, Eric Wedge intends to select his Opening Day shortstop either today or tomorrow, and the fact that Jack Wilson is healthy and batting like .500 isn't going to hurt his case any. Ultimately this whole situation is just going to be re-evaluated in a month or two anyway after Dustin Ackley literally destroys the PCL and needs to find a new place to play baseball.

Erik Bedard threw 55 pitches his last time out, so look for him to get up into the 70-75 range this afternoon, which, for Bedard, is about two or three innings. Available to pitch behind him will be Jamey Wright, Denny Bautista, Josh Lueke and Brandon League, with Andrew Carraway and Mumba Rivera coming over from minor league camp just in case. The Padres are going to follow LeBlanc with Randy Flores, Mike Adams, Chad Qualls, and Ernesto Frieri. That they only have five pitchers scheduled strikes me as fairly optimistic given the lineup they're going to face.

No TV, but again, it's on 710, and here's your Gameday link. Ever wanted to share a late brunch with Erik Bedard? Today's your lucky day! Just try not to ask him too many questions because he probably isn't going to respond to you.