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3/19: Open Game Thread

This game thread is going up super early because I'm leaving the house and lately I've had trouble trusting the scheduled posting system. Don't make a mess.

Mariners! Rangers! 1:05pm!

Ja Wilson, SS Kinsler, DH
Ryan, 2B Andrus, SS
Gutierrez, CF Hamilton, CF
Cust, DH Beltre, 3B
Smoak, 1B Young, 2B
Langerhans, RF Cruz, RF
Rodriguez, 3B Murphy, LF
Saunders, LF Treanor, C
Moore, C Moreland, 1B
Castro, SP Hunter, SP

Franklin Gutierrez makes his way back into the lineup after missing a few days with back discomfort. The Mariners' Twitter account has both Guti and Justin Smoak playing center field so I'm kind of guessing here. Additionally, Jack Wilson is back in the lineup and batting leadoff, as apparently the personal matter he had to attend to gave him super powers.

I don't have a list of which pitchers are available to follow Fabio Castro, but assume that some of them will be interesting, and some of them will not.* Doug Fister's throwing against minor leaguers and Eric Wedge has decided that this will be a bullpen day, which is fitting since so many of our games against the Rangers during the regular season end up turning into bullpen days anyway.

*Matthew Update: "Tom Wilhelmsen, Cesar Jimenez, Chris Ray, Justin Miller, Royce Ring and then if needed Jarrett Grube, Scott Patterson and Brian Moran" courtesy of Divish

No TV, but the game's on 710, and here's your Gameday link. No TV makes it a lot easier to stomach the fact that we're playing against Adrian Beltre in a Texas Rangers uniform. If we don't see him, maybe he's not really there!