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3/18: Open Game Thread

Coming up in just a few minutes is a baseball game. These are the players that will begin it:

Ichiro, RF Johnson, 2B
Figgins, 3B Bloomquist, CF
Bradley, DH Mora, 3B
Smoak, 1B Pena, DH
Kennedy, 2B Nady, LF
Rodriguez, SS Allen, 1B
Gross, CF Abreu, SS
M Wilson, LF Parra, RF
Bard, C Blanco, C
Vargas, SP Hudson, SP

Franklin Gutierrez was originally in the lineup but he was scratched with lower back stiffness and replaced by Gabe Gross. What this indicates to me is that Guti's stomach discomfort has halfway circumnavigated his body and entrenched itself in his spine. That's way worse. Note that Gross is playing center field next to Mike Wilson, which means that Gross is playing center field and left field.

Available to pitch behind Vargas will be Denny Bautista, Aaron Laffey, Jamey Wright, and Brandon League, with Bobby LaFramboise, Steve Richard and Scott Patterson also stopping over from minor league camp in case they're needed. Richard's wearing #99 so you know he's gonna be great. Looking to get into the game for the Diamondbacks will be both Kam Mickolio and J.J. Putz in a twist that some might find borderline interesting.

Full coverage for the game, including 710, Gameday, and television. Do you have trouble getting enough Jason Vargas? Follow him today, in three different ways!