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Manny Delcarmen, Charlie Haeger Also Re-Assigned

We noted just a little while ago that Chris Smith and Dan Cortes were shipped off to minor league camp. It turns out the Mariners weren't finished breaking bad news this afternoon, as now Charlie Haeger and Manny Delcarmen have been re-assigned as well. Hopefully the team is done for the day because I don't want to write another one of these.

Charlie Haeger. Haeger barely did anything this spring because he was sidetracked by a little back injury. He threw one inning, with one walk and zero strikeouts, which if you prorate out to 200 innings means he would've racked up 200 walks and zero strikeouts, and that's terrible. No wonder he got cut! The knuckleballer seems destined for Tacoma if he sticks with the organization, and he might even show up on the Mariners at some point, but one can't help but notice his career numbers aren't that good. Of course, given that R.A. Dickey finally figured it out at 35, Haeger's got hope.

Manny Delcarmen. Delcarmen had four walks and one strikeout in four appearances, which I think conveys an accurate impression of how he looked. He was wild, and worse, his velocity seemed to be down from where it was even last season, when people noted his velocity was down. He may not be throwing at 100% just yet, and maybe he's still building up his arm strength, but he sure removed himself from the picture in a hurry. Again, if he sticks, he might show up in May or July or something, but he's got work to do.

Below, a table of the pitchers remaining in camp.

Aardsma* Bedard
Bautista Castro
Felix French
Fister Jimenez
Flores Laffey
Kelley* Olson
League Ring
Lueke Robertson*
Miller Vargas

* - injured