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Series Preview Feedback Take 2011

Another year of baseball and another year of series previews. It surprises me this will be the fourth season of them. Based on the previous three seasons, the Mariners will finish 85-77 this season with good run prevention but a lackluster offense that we will enter 2012 thinking cannot possibly get worse.

Did you know that if you order the 2009 Mariner hitters by plate appearance, 12 of the first 14 are no longer Mariners? Rob Johnson (Padres), Russell Branyan (Diamondbacks), Jose Lopez (Rockies), Yuniesky Betancourt (Brewers), Adrian Beltre (Rangers), Wladimir Balentien (Reds), Ken Griffey Jr (Golf), Mike Sweeney (God), Kenji Johjima (Japan), Ronny Cedeno (Pirates), Endy Chavez (Rangers) and Jack Hannahan (Indians). We're a Josh Wilson away from it being 14 of the top 16. Sooooo close!

Anyways, stay on topic, Matthew. Here is your annual thread to offer any and all feedback on the series previews for the coming year. Most of it I will not implement because it requires way too much work, but some of the ideas I can actually do and some of them might spark other ideas. You never know. If you did know, you would know the future and you should be spending your time doing things other than reading this website. Go save a child or something. Keep an eye out for Panther the Cat.

To review, you can always browse through the Series Preview sectional archive but as a favor to the community, I pulled three example previews from each season as close to the same date as I reasonably could in order to illustrate the evolving nature of the beast. Here's 20082009 and 2010. Have to say that I am glad I did because now I am aware that come late May I will be an extraordinarily bitter person. The Mariners make me angrier than I remember.