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3/14: Open Game Thread

Before we get to anything else, a moment, please, for Chris Seddon and Chaz Roe, the latest two players in camp to get picked off by the Re-assignment Guerrillas. Roe's been optioned to AAA, while the NRI Seddon was simply sent over to the next field. I remember watching a video on a few weeks ago where Seddon told the interviewer he was just looking to open some eyes. Either he didn't open any eyes, or he did, and they saw Chris Seddon. Roe and Seddon basically move from one pile to another.

Now then, the Mariners and Cubs are set to lock horns like a couple of elk. Lineups!

Ichiro, RF Fukudome, RF
Figgins, 3B Johnson, CF
Gutierrez, CF Moore, 2B
Cust, DH Montanez, LF
Smoak, 1B LaHair, 1B
Kennedy, LF Vitters, 3B
Ryan, 2B Castillo, C
Jo Wilson, SS Barney, SS
Moore, C Garza, SP
Fister, SP Garza, SP

The Mariners have faced some bad lineups before, but the Cubs are the first opponent to literally forgo the DH and send the pitcher to the plate. It'll be interesting to see how the M's respond to the insult of batting Matt Garza at #9 and Bryan LaHair at #5. If recent history is any indication they will respond by beating the shit out of the Cubs.

Available to pitch behind Fister will be Cesar Jimenez, David Pauley, Garrett Olson, Justin Miller, Chris Smith, and Edward Paredes. Additionally Brian Moran and Jimmy Gillheeney are available from minor league camp for some reason. Maybe they tell good jokes.

No TV and no 710. It will be broadcast on the Cubs' radio network, and here's your Gameday link.