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Mariners Make Their First Roster Cuts

Blew it
Blew it

And now we're getting to the part of Spring Training with consequences. On Saturday morning, the Mariners made their first roster cuts, trimming the headcount from 64 to 58. Obviously the following six players weren't actually cut by the team; they were just re-assigned to minor league camp, where they'll do all the same things, only with way worse players around them.

The unfortunate six:

Alex Liddi. Liddi, of course, homered in three straight games and hit grand slams in two, so for a little while he had everyone's attention. All he ever could've hoped to do, though, is open some eyes before getting sent off, because he never had a prayer of breaking camp with the M's. He's been optioned to AAA, where he'll face pitchers about as bad as the pitchers he just took deep.

Mauricio Robles. Robles made one appearance and couldn't throw strikes. With so many lefties in the pile, he was never going to make this team from the beginning anyway. He's also been optioned to AAA, and it'll be interesting now to see if he goes on to start or relieve.

Carlos Peguero. Okay so realistically none of the first cuts come as a surprise, and they never will. Peguero homered and made some strong throws from the outfield, so he got people talking, but he's got a lot of work to do if he ever wants to make it. He's been optioned to AAA.

Johermyn Chavez. Unlike the first three, Chavez has been optioned to AA. He was beaned three times in yesterday's game, so he's probably really sore. Fortunately pitchers in minor league camp are known for their pinpoint command.

Yusmeiro Petit. Petit's been sent to minor league camp and wasn't optioned to any particular level, since he was a non-roster invitee and isn't on the 40-man roster. Petit was listed as available to pitch in like every single game so far, but he's only actually gotten into two, so it's been clear for a while he wasn't long for this team. I remember when we thought this guy might be the M's fourth or fifth starter way back when. Those were neither good nor bad times.

James Paxton. Rounding it out, Paxton was also sent to minor league camp without being optioned to a specific level. What that means is that we don't get to see PITCHfx information from any of his performances, which is kind of annoying, but I guess some might call that perspective "selfish".