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3/11: Open Game Thread

The Seattle Mariners own the third-best record in the Cactus League at 7-4, sitting two games back of the first-place Giants. The Indians, meanwhile, own the second-worst record, at 4-8, and they've allowed an average of 6.8 runs per game. This is a team the Mariners need to stomp on in their pursuit of the Arizona championship, and it's with that goal in mind that they're starting the following lineup:

Jo Wilson, SS O Cabrera, 2B
Rodriguez, 3B A Cabrera, SS
Kennedy, 1B Choo, RF
Cust, DH Kearns, LF
Tuiasosopo, LF Hafner, DH
Saunders, CF Chisenhall, 3B
Ackley, 2B Marson, C
Gimenez, C Hannahan, 1B
Chavez, RF Carrera, CF
Pineda, SP Talbot, SP

Inspiring. Having the top third filled entirely by utility infielders is a nice touch. If I didn't know better I'd say Eric Wedge wasn't trying for first place at all.

Nevermind the lineup, though; what matters is that Michael Pineda is going to throw about three innings or so against a handful of quality bats, so that should be a nice test. Available to pitch behind him will be Nate Robertson, Chaz Roe, Cesar Jimenez, Chris Seddon, Manny Delcarmen, Edward Paredes, Royce Ring, and Yusmeiro Petit. That really isn't a very interesting group so by 1pm or so you should be free to think about other things, like what you're doing this weekend, or biscuits. Biscuits, man. Biscuits are delicious. "Biscuit" is spelled funny.

Josh Judy looks slotted to get an inning of relief for the Indians today, by the way, potentially making him the latest Mariners opponent with a girl's name.

Here's your Gameday link, and note that it will be broadcast on 710. It should be a heated affair, as like half of our two organizations used to belong to the other organization.