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3/10: Open Game Thread

Another split-squad opponent for the Mariners, as the other half of the Angels are taking on the Royals. I'm beginning to think other teams don't take us seriously.

Ichiro, DH Willits, RF
Figgins, 3B Bourjos, CF
Bradley, LF Trout, DH
Smoak, 1B Wood, 3B
Langerhans, CF Petit, LF
Gross, RF Conger, C
Ja Wilson, 2B Jacobo, 1B
Ryan, SS Romine, SS
Moore, C Velazquez, 2B
Bedard, SP Palmer, SP

Forget the Mariners - Reggie Willits, Peter Bourjos, Mike Trout, and Brandon Wood are four of my favorite Angels ever, and they're all at the top of the lineup. Each is awesome for different reasons, but each is undeniably awesome, and if Chone Figgins is any indication, they'll all be Mariners eventually.

Available to pitch behind Bedard will be Josh Lueke, Aaron Laffey, Jose Flores, Justin Miller, Denny Bautista, Chris Smith, and Fabio Castro. Bedard's expected to go three innings. Available to pitch behind Matt Palmer will probably be some assortment of guys who are terrible. The Angels recently converted Anthony Ortega from a starter to a reliever. I'm shaking.

No TV and no radio at all, from either side, so here's your Gameday link. We will at least have PITCHfx, so put on your Bedard overanalysis hat.