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3/1: Open Game Thread

The Mariners are playing the Rangers at 12:05pm, but not only isn't this game on TV - it also isn't on the radio, which is good since it should largely spare the Mariners the embarrassment of probably losing to a Rangers team that's playing way fewer starters than we are.

Ichiro, RF Borbon, CF
Figgins, 3B German, 2B
Bradley, LF Murphy, RF
Cust, DH Barden, 3B
Olivo, C Moreland, 1B
Kennedy, 1B Torrealba, C
Gutierrez, CF Davis, DH
Ackley, 2B Blanco, SS
Ja Wilson, SS Chavez, LF
Robertson, SP Harrison, SP

You'll notice that Franklin Gutierrez is back in there, which is good news, although we still don't know what's going on with his stomach, or if he still has a stomach, or if he ever had a stomach for that matter. This just goes to show that it isn't possible to beat Ichiro in a body fat contest unless there's something medically wrong with the way you eat or digest.

Behind Robertson will be Blake Beavan, Josh Lueke, Dan Cortes, Royce Ring, Tom Wilhelmsen, Jose Flores, Edward Paredes, Fabio Castro, and Denny Bautista, and holy shit the Mariners are planning to throw ten pitchers today? Man they really don't have any confidence in Nate Robertson's ability to survive the first inning, or really anyone's ability to survive any inning.

Here's your Gameday link. For additional coverage, Baker and Drayer may have some stuff. Or you could not pay attention to the game and just do your damn job. You're at work. Take some god damn pride in what you do.