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Thoughts On A Picture

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  • Neither player was quite sure what to do after Josh Wilson chased a butterfly into the outfield and got stuck in the wall.

  • Saunders: Here!
    Figgins: What's this?
    Saunders: A Skittle!
    Figgins: A Skittle?
    Saunders: Watch what I can do!
    Run over there!
    Figgins: To third base?
    Saunders: Yeah, to your base!
    Figgins: Okay.
    Figgins: :walks to third base:
    Saunders: Now throw it to me!
    Figgins: :squints:
    Saunders: Throw me the Skittle!
    Figgins: :shakes head, pantomimes throwing motion:
    Saunders: Throw the Skittle to my mouth!

  • In a long seventh inning with Jamey Wright on the mound, Michael Saunders lets out a passive-aggressive exaggerated yawn while Greg Halman considers whether neighboring 8s look more like two sets of eyes or two sets of boobs.

  • Halman: A 3 is an 8 that someone took a bite of

  • Greg Halman never did believe what Michael Saunders saw in the sky that day.

  • Michael Saunders signals for help after a confrontation with Safeco's left-center power alley of death rendered Greg Halman catatonic.

  • In the waning days of a go-nowhere season, Seattle Mariners manager Daren Brown devises a radical defensive experiment in which two outfielders play back-to-back and the one facing home attempts to catch all fly balls with his tongue.

  • After the rest of the team quickly buddied up, Michael Saunders was less than ecstatic about his assigned partner for the Plate Discipline Olympics.