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Fun Fact: Pitchers That Hit Better Than The Mariners Did

2010 Seattle Mariners, OPS leaders

Mike Sweeney, .802 in 110 PAs
Russell Branyan, .802 in 238 PAs
Ichiro Suzuki, .754 in 732 PAs
Guillermo Quiroz, .714 in 7 PAs 

Yes, Quiroz really was the fourth best mark on the team. Meanwhile

Dan Haren, .902 in 57 PAs
Yovani Gallardo, .837 in 72 PAs
Mike Leake, .762 in 60 PAs

Those are all pitchers in case you didn't know.

Of course those are small samples and say little to nothing about the actual hitting talent of those involved. I don't expect any of the three to out hit our entire team on a regular basis and neither should you. Josh Wilson on the other hand, maybe.*

*Josh Wilson's career wOBA is lower than both Carlos Zambrano and Mike Hampton's