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2/28: Open Game Thread

The Mariners are set to broadcast six games on TV this spring. This is not one of them. Your lineups:

Jo Wilson, 2B Venable, CF
Ryan, SS Bartlett, SS
Smoak, 1B Cantu, 3B
Cust, DH Ludwick, LF
Gross, RF Hudson, 2B
Saunders, LF Salazar, DH
Tuiasosopo, 3B Guzman, 1B
Moore, C Cunningham, RF
Halman, CF Quiroz, C
Fister, SP LeBlanc, SP

Also set to throw for the Mariners today: Pauley, League, Ray, Olson, Seddon, Castro, and Medina. Throwing for the Padres: Perdomo, Munter, Adams, Frieri, Musgrave, Hynes, and Lara. "Munter" is not the name of someone who is successful at baseball, or anything.

I'm not going to promise threads for every game of the Cactus League season, but at this point Spring Training is still fresh enough that it's kind of exciting, so here's to a scintillating follow-up to yesterday's thriller. Special shout-out to Josh Wilson at leadoff. Wilson has started one regular season game at leadoff in his career - April 26th, 2007, for the Nationals, playing the Phillies. Wilson went 0-5 and was waived a week and a half later. Did you know Josh Wilson turns 30 years old in less than a month?

Game's broadcast on 710 and MLB Gameday Audio.