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Hot Sexy Intrasquad Game Results

The players are all finished in Arizona, as the Mariners defeated the Mariners by a score of 3-1 in a truncated contest. I'm not sure how the fourth run scored, but the first scored on a sac fly by Josh Wilson, the second scored on a sac fly by Brendan Ryan, and the third scored on a double by Luis Rodriguez. That's three runs driven in by Mariners middle infielders in one game, eclipsing last year's full-season total by four.

If you're curious which side came out on top, it was the side with Ichiro leading off. So the side with Ichiro leading off, Chone Figgins behind him, and Adam Kennedy batting cleanup scored three times as many runs as the side with Jack Wilson leading off and Justin Smoak and Jack Cust batting 3/4. Who needs dingers when you have Michael Pineda and a couple of table-setters? Everybody back to the 2010 model!

Milton Bradley stole two bases, which doesn't actually mean anything significant but is a good sign for a guy coming back from knee surgery. Miguel Olivo stole one base, which is embarrassing for everyone. I pretty much don't know any other details except that, unfortunately, there wasn't a brawl. Not a single one. I don't know if I'd more enjoy a brawl in an intrasquad game or in one of those games between a big league team and a college, but I sure as hell know I'd like to find out.

Sunday's the day we really get going, by which I mean Sunday's the day the M's start playing real fake games. They've got the Padres charity game at 12:05pm, and that one'll be on the radio.